Minister Morgan to the Secretary of State.

No. 23.]

Sir: As an additional precautionary measure against yellow fever the sanitary department of Habana on Saturday, March 24, reapplied the regulations for house cleaning enforced by General Ludlow in 1899 during the period of the American intervention, but discontinued in 1900. All buildings in the city are rigidly inspected, and those found to be in an unsatisfactory condition are thoroughly cleaned by a sanitary brigade. Old clothes, paper, and rubbish are carted away, loaded on large scows, and dumped into the sea some 5 miles outside the harbor mouth.

There are at present 120 men engaged in this work under the direction of 5 inspectors. Thirty-five carts are in constant service, but the task has been so much heavier than anticipated that it is proposed to enlarge considerably the brigade in order that the city may be cleaned before the warm and damp season begins.

I have, etc.,

Edwin V. Morgan.