Minister Morgan to the Secretary of State.

No. 88.]

Sir: As indicative of the desire of the Cuban Government to supply the board of health with ample pecuniary means for eradicating yellow fever from this island, I have the honor to inclose in translation a copy of a presidential decree, dated the 6th instant, which assigns certain sums of money to the use of the sanitary authorities at Bolondron, Union de Reyes, and Alacranes, where a case of fever was recently reported, which remain from certain appropriations made for similar disinfecting work elsewhere.

I have, etc.,

Edwin V. Mogran.


Decree No. 224.]

As there is a surplus in the treasury, left over from certain appropriations for special sanitary and disinfecting work, provided for in decree No. 91, of March 22 last, on account of the nondisbursement of the full amounts appropriated therefor; and in view of the urgent need of funds for defraying the expenses of the special work being done at Bolondron, Union de Reyes, and Ala-cranes, to stamp out the yellow-fever contagion at those places, upon recommendation of the secretary of the interior, I order:

First. That the expenses of the special work undertaken for the purpose of stamping out the contagion of yellow fever at Bolondron, Union de Reyes, and Alacranes, calculated for three months at $22,455.55, counting from the 20th of May last, in accordance with the budget presented by the chief health officer, be covered with surplus funds from the appropriations allowed in the aforesaid decree No. 91, to wit:

From Article II, surplus of $1,500 unexpended and of $750 on account of the elimination of the position of vaccinator of Santiago de Cuba; from Article III, section “e,” surplus from supplies and transportation, $1,925; section “h,” surplus from this appropriation on account of the Manzanillo and Guantanamo disinfecting brigades not having yet been established, $4,000; section “k,” because of the inutilization of this appropriation, $4,000; section “1,” surplus from this item, $5,000; surplus funds remaining in the hands and at the disposition of the paymaster of the health department from various items of the said decree, $4,492.55; total, $22,455.55.

Second. The lists of employees and budget for this special service shall be submitted by the superior board of health to the approval of the secretary of the interior.

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Third. The secretary of the interior is hereby charged with the fulfillment of the terms of this decree, and the secretary of the treasury of that part which concerns his department.

T. Esteada Palma, President.

J. Rius Rivera,
Secretary of the Interior.