The Secretary of State to the British Ambassador.

No. 546.]

Excellency: In my note of the 17th of February last I had the honor to inclose a copy of a memorandum regarding the protection of trade-marks in China, in reply to the memorandum of the German ambassador of January 18, 1906. In a note of the 12th of May the German ambassador submitted some remarks of his Government on this memorandum, which have had my careful consideration, and I have now written to the German ambassador that this Government is prepared, on certain conditions, to withdraw its objection to section 25 of the project for the protection of trade-marks in China formulated by the representatives at Peking of Germany, France, Italy, Austria-Hungary, and Great Britain. I have the honor to inclose for your information copies of these two notes. Upon the acceptance by the Governments named above of the addition to article 7 as stated to the German ambassador, the American minister at Peking will be instructed to agree to the project formulated by the representatives of the above-mentioned powers.

I have the honor, etc.,

Elihu Root.