The Secretary of State to Minister Rockhill.

No. 199.]

Sir: I have to acknowledge receipt of your dispatch No. 384,a of the 30th of August, regarding the acceptance of the project for trademarks in China prepared by the representatives of Germany and other powers. Your statement that “though the stand taken by the American Government from the outset has been right and just,” you “do not think that, as far as can be judged in the prevailing confusion, American-acquired rights would suffer materially if the Government were, in the interest of harmony, to modify its attitude and come to an agreement with Germany and the other powers,” coincides with my view.

I have accordingly written to the German ambassador in reply to his note of the 12th of May, copy of which was inclosed to you in department’s No. 159, of the 30th of June last, to the effect that if Germany and the other powers interested will agree to the addition to article 7 suggested by him, this Government would withdraw its objection to article 25. A note to the same effect has been sent to the French and British ambassadors. Copies of these three notes are inclosed herewith for your information, and you will be advised what further action is taken in connection therewith.

I am, etc.,

Elihu Root.
  1. Printed on page 258, infra.