Mr. Gummeré to Mr. Hay.


(Mr. Gummeré reports that a further account of Mr. Perdicaris’s serious illness has been received. Muley Ahmed, who is in Tangier, has received a letter from his brother, Shereef Muley Ali, who is with the captives, saying that if he can do so secretly Raisuli will permit him to bring Mr. Perclacaris down and will hold Mr. Varley alone, but not to come if the Sultan’s answer to the demands was received. Muley Ahmed declared, in a conference with British minister, that although he was willing to go after Mr. Perdicaris, in [Page 500] bringing him through the other tribes he was positive they would take him away and then make demands of their own. The Sultan’s acquiescence to the demands having been received, Mr. Gummeré decided, after mature consideration, that the risk of bringing captives at this time was too great. The minister for foreign affairs, however, in accordance with Mr. Gummeré’s demand for immediate action in carrying out the Sultan’s orders has promised to send a negotiator to-morrow morning, and asserts that the prisoners, money and everything, are in readiness for the exchange of the captives.)