Mr. Gummeré to Mr. Hay.


(Mr. Gummeré acknowledges the receipt of the Department’s instructions and reports that in the endeavor to accomplish the release of the captives all possible efforts have been made. Pardon was offered by the British minister and himself without any other condition immediately after the outrage if the captives were released on a fixed elate. That offer was rejected. Since this was reported through the British minister for foreign affairs, the consul-general has had no negotiations with bandit, having consistently impressed upon the Moorish Government, as previously reported, that the Government of the United States held it responsible for the life and the speedy release of Mr. Pedicaris and that all negotiations must be conducted by it. To accede to all the bandit’s demands is the only means the Moorish Government has to procure the release of the captives. The Government has no authority for the present at least, over these mountaineers. The bandit could never be caught and nothing could save the captives’ lives if the negotiations were broken off. The Sultan’s order to secure the captives’ release is not being carried out vigorously by the minister for foreign affairs, but in accordance with the demands of the British minister and Mr. Gummeré he has promised active negotiations next Sunday or Monday. Strict attention will be given to carrying out the instructions of the Department.)