Mexican call for discovery.

Mr. Acting Secretary: By direction of my Government, and in accordance with Article IV of the protocol of arbitration between the Republic of Mexico and the United States of America for the settlement of certain questions arisen in regard to the so-called “Pious Fund of the Californias,” signed on May 22, 1902, I ask that there be made known to the Government of Mexico, as part of its evidence, the following facts and documents:

Whether the bishops of California received the sum of $904,700.79 Mexican gold, referred to in Mixed Commission’s decision of November 11, 1875.
To what purpose the said sum was applied.
Before whom were the accounts of expenditure rendered.
What are the documents in which the said accounts are recorded that are to be exhibited hereafter.

I have to say, in addition, that the foregoing request is understood to be without prejudice to such as may be presented later regarding other facts and documents appertaining to the subject-matter.

I take pleasure, etc.

José F. Godoy.

His Excellency A. A. Adee,
Etc., etc., etc.