Exhibit B.

Leo, the Thirteenth Supreme Pontiff. Beloved son, health and apostolic benediction.

When our venerable brother, Francis Mora, bishop of Monterey and Los Angeles, with whom he, overpowered by age and heavy labors, might share the burden of the administration of the diocese, we, having carefully considered the reasons of this request and having taken counsel with our venerable brothers, the cardinals of the holy Roman Church, who preside over the sacred congregation of the propagation of the faith, have decided to comply with the wishes of the aforesaid bishop, and have determined to choose for that office you, beloved son, whom excellent testimonies of praise recommend to us. Therefore, beloved son, we, cherishing with special benevolence you, whom by similar letters we have announced as the bishop of the titular church of Thumi, only on account of this office absolving you and wishing that you be absolved from whatever excommunication and interdict or other ecclesiastical judgment, censure, and penalties, in whatsoever manner and for whatsoever reasons imposed, if by chance you have incurred any, do by these letters and by our apostolic authority make and appoint you coadjutor of the aforesaid bishop of Monterey and Los Angeles, with the right of succession, and whenever by the death of the said bishop or for whatever other reason the episcopal see of Monterey and Los Angeles will become vacant, we now for then choose and appoint you the bishop of this same see, with all the honors, powers, and privileges which by right or custom belong to bishops. Moreover, we decree that by this your succession the aforesaid titular see of Thumi becomes vacant; and likewise we, by the plenitude of our apostolic authority, now for then, free you from the charge of the aforesaid see. However, we desire that, while the aforesaid bishop lives, you will assist in the administration of the diocese as much as he will wish and command. Finally, we order all and every one to whom it will now or will concern to receive and acknowledge you for this office of coadjutor and in the proper time as the bishop of the aforesaid see of Monterey and Los Angeles and in all things obey, favor, and assist you and reverently to undertake and fulfil your commands, otherwise we will ratify and inviolably enforce, until condign satisfaction be made, the sentence or penalty which you will have rightfully inflicted or pronounced against the rebellious, anyone acting to the contrary notwithstanding.

For His Eminence Cardinal Serafini.
Nicolas Marici.

To our beloved son George Montgomery.