leo p. p. xiii.

Dilecte Fili salutem et apostolicam benedictionem. Annis et laborious fractus adversaque laborans valetudine Venerabilis Frater Josephus Sadoc Alemany Archiepiscopis S. Francisci in California ad explendas pastorales curas quum alterius ope indigeat supplex Nos rogavit, ut eiadiutorem cum successionis jure assignare velimus. Hinc necessitati consulere cnpientes egimus hac de re cum Venerabilibus Fratribus Nostris S. R. E. Cardinalibus Christiano Nomini prooagando praepositis diligenterque omnibus perpensis et consideratis hujusmodi munus de eorumdem Venerabilium Fratrum Nostrum consilio tibi, delecte fili, hujus pietas, doctrina, prudentia excellentis commendatur testimoniis, demandatum censuimus. Itaque te quern per similes Litteras Nostras hoc ipso die datas Archiepiscopum titularis Ecclesiae Cabasensis fecimus ac renuntiavimus, peculiari benevolentia complecti volentes, at a quibusvis excommunicationis et interdicti aliisque ecclesiasticis sententiis censuris et poenis quovis modo vel quavis de causa latis, si quas forte incurreris, hujus tantum rei gratia absolventes et absolutum fore censentes, Apostolica auctoritate Nostra harum litterarum vi coadiutorem praedicti Venerabilis Fratris Josephi Archiepiscopi S. Francisci in California cum futurae successionis jure eligimus et instituimus. Igitur quandocumque Archiepiscopalis Sedes supradicta per obitum dicti Archiepiscopi, vel aliam quamlibet ob causam vacaverit, a vinculo quo titulari Ecclesiae Cabasensi adstrictus detineris nunc pro tunc ex Apostolicae potestatis nostrae plenitudine solventes Archiepiscopum S. Francisci in Calif ornia facimus et constituimus cum omnibus et singulis juribus, honoribus, privileges et facultatibus quae ex jure vel ex consuetudine Archiepiscoporum sunt propriae. Volumus autem ut vivente praefato Venerabili Fratre Josepho Archiepiscopo S. Francisci eatenus te ingeras in Diocesis procuratione quatenus ille voluerit ac mandaverit. Parecipimus deinde omnibus ad quos spectat, au spectare poterit, ut, juxta praesentium Litterarum tenorem ad Coadiutoris afficium, et suo tempore in Archiepiscopum memoratae Sedes S. Francisci in California recipiant et admittant, tibique faveant [Page 385] preasto sint ac pareant, tuaque salubria monita reverenter excipiant at que efficaciter adimpleant alioquin sententiam seu poenam, quani in rebelles rite tuleris vel statueris ratam habebinius earn que faciernus auctorante Domino usque ad conde quam satisfaction em inviolabiliter observari. Non obstantibus constitutionibus et ordinationibus Apostolicis, et si opus sit dictae Archieposcopalis Ecclesias S. Francisci etiam iuramento eonfirmatione apostolica vel quavis firmitate alia roboratis statutis, et consuetudinibus caeterisque contrariis quibuseumque.

Th. Cardis. Mertel.

(Leo Pont. Max.)

Dilecto Filio, Patritio Guilielmo Riordan, Rectori Ecclesiae ad honorem S. Jacobi in Civitate Chicagii.

To our beloved son, Patrick William Riordan, rector of the Church of St. James, in the city of Chicago.

leo xiii, pepe.

Beloved son, health and apostolic benediction! Our venerable brother Joseph Sadoc Alemany, archbishop of San Francisco in California, debilitated by years and labors and suffering infirm health, has humbly petitioned us that, as he needs assistance in the discharge of his pastoral cares, we would deign to appoint a coadjutor to him with the right of succession. Wherefore, we being desirous of providing for this necessity, having first duly advised thereupon with our venerable brethren the Sacred College of Cardinals, charged with the propagation of the Christian faith, and all things having been diligently weighed and duly considered, according to their usual course in like cases, and upon the advice of our venerable brethren aforesaid have decided that the office of coadjutor aforesaid should be entrusted to you, beloved son, whose piety, learning, and prudence are attested by excellent testimonials. Therefore longing with a special affection to embrace you, whom we have by letters of even date herewith constituted and proclaimed archbishop of the titular diocese of Caves, and thereupon absolving you and declaring you absolved from all and every excommunication, interdict, or other ecclesiastical sentence or censure or penalty of whatever nature, and for whatsoever cause pronounced (if perchance you may have incurred any such), by our apostolic authority, and in virtue of these letters we have elected and constituted you coadjutor of our above-named venerable Brother Joseph, archbishop of San Francisco, in California, with the right of future succession to the said archbishopric. Therefore whenever the archiepiscopal see before mentioned shall become vacant, either by the death of the aforesaid archbishop, or from any other cause, by the plenitude of our authority, releasing you nunc pro tunc from the bond by which you are held to the titular church of Caves, we make and constitute you archbishop of San Francisco, in California, with all and each of the rights, honors, privileges, and prerogatives thereunto pertaining whether by right or custom. Nevertheless, it is our desire that, during the lifetime of the venerable brother Joseph, archbishop of San Francisco, you should take such part in the administration of the diocese as he may request and empower you to do. And finally we commend all whom it concerns, or may concern, that in accordance [Page 386] with the tenor of the present letters they receive and admit yon into the office of coadjutor and in the proper time as archbishop of the aforesaid see of San Francisco, and that they respect and obey you therein, and that they reverently receive your salutary admonitions and efficaciously carry them out, failing which we will ratify whatever sentence or judgment you may lawfully pronounce or ordain against the refractory, and we will continue to do this, the Lord confirming it, until perfect satisfaction be had. The constitutions and apostolic ordinances, and if need be the statutes of the aforesaid archiepiscopal church of San Francisco, confirmed even by sworn or apostolic ratification or fortified by any other power whatsoever, and all customs and other things to the contrary notwithstanding.

Th. Cardl. Mertel.

(Leo XIII. Pont. Max.)

Patrick William Riordan, being duly sworn, deposes and says as follows: I am the Roman Catholic archbishop of San Francisco, and the present incumbent, and am successor of the Most Reverend Joseph S. Alemany; that the original bull, or letter, of my appointment by His Holiness Pope Leo XIII is written in the Latin language and is now among the archives of the archiepiscopal see of the Roman Catholic archdiocese of San Francisco, and is in my custody as such archbishop. I am competent to translate Latin into English, and I hereby certify and declare on oath that I have carefully compared the foregoing instrument, written in the Latin language, with the original bull aforesaid, and that the same is a full, true, and correct copy of said bull. I further certify and declare on oath that the foregoing instrument written in the English language is a true and correct translation from Latin into English of said bull.

Patrick William Riordan.

[notarial seal.]
John E. Hamill,
Notary Public.

I, Albert B. Mahony, county clerk of the city and county of San Francisco, State of California, hereby certify the foregoing to be a full, true, and correct copy of the original proof of appointment and succession of Archbishop Patrick William Riordan, filed in my office on the 25th day of March, A. D. 1885.

Albert B. Mahony, County Clerk
Joseph Riordan, Deputy County Clerk.

(Endorsed:) 9639. In the matter of “The Roman Catholic Archbishop of San Francisco,” a religious corporation sole. Proof of appbintment and succession of Archbishop Patrick William Riordan. Filed March 25, 1885. Jas. J. Flynn, Clerk. By Jno. H. Mott, Deputy Clerk.