Mr. Jackson to Mr. Hay.

No. 1772.]

Sir: I have the honor to report that on the receipt, on June 28, of the Department’s instruction No. 1210, of June 14, 1901, intervention was made in behalf of Eugene Guido Thorner, to the end that he be [Page 180] recognized as an American citizen and permitted to come to Germany for a somewhat prolonged course of study, and that, no answer having been received from the foreign office in the meantime, attention was again called to the case on September 27. To-day, however, I have been notified by the foreign office that there is nothing to prevent the American citizen, Eugene Guido Thorner, from making a prolonged stay in Germany.

In this connection I have to state that there are at the present moment no pending military cases of long standing, and that there are fewer such cases pending at all than at any time since my connection with this mission—a period of almost eleven years.

I have, etc.,

John B. Jackson.