Mr. Hill to Mr. White.

No. 1210.]

Sir: I inclose herewith copy of a lettera from Bernard D. Thorner, who was naturalized on April 4, 1887, in the city court of Birmingham, Ala., and who received a passport, No. 219, dated January 14, 1890, from the legation of the United States at Berlin for himself, wife, and minor son, Eugene Guido, then 3½ months old.

It appears from Mr. Thorner’s statement that the son was born in Germany while his parents were on a temporary visit there, and that notice of the birth was given to the legation at Berlin, which’ failed to make record of it. He contemplates sending this son to Germany for the purpose of study, and fears that by reason of his own birth and that of his son in Germany the lad will, upon reaching the military age, be called upon for service. He therefore desires that the American citizenship of his son be recognized by the German Government.

There is no doubt that the boy is an American citizen under section 1993 of the Revised Statutes, and is entitled to all the protection this Government can give him as such. The Department will be pleased, therefore, to have you do what you can to have his American citizenship recognized by the German Government.

I am, etc.,

David J. Hill,
Acting Secretary.
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