Mr. Yang Yü to Mr. Olney.

Sir: Referring to a note received from your Department, dated 24th September last, inclosing me copy of a note from the minister of foreign affairs of Salvador to the chargé d’affaires of the United States, to the effect that the Government of Salvador will allow the diplomatic and consular officers of the United States to exercise their good offices, unofficially, in behalf of Chinese subjects, when necessary to protect their persons or property, I have the honor to state that the Chinese residents of Salvador were duly notified of the completion of the arrangement above referred to; and in pursuance of my instructions a delegation was sent to call on your Government’s representatives in Salvador to express the grateful thanks of the Chinese community for their extreme courtesy and great kindness in consenting to exercise their good offices in their behalf when necessary.

In the course of the interview the delegation was informed that your representatives deem it necessary to receive explicit instructions from this Government before they would feel authorized to exercise their good offices when desired. As the Chinese residents have intimated their urgent need of the protection sought for, and inasmuch as your legation has obtained the courteous acquiescence of the Government of Salvador to the said arrangement, for which I feel profound gratitude, I beg to request that you will be so good as to issue such instructions as you may deem necessary to your representatives in Salvador upon the subject, so that they may begin at once to exercise their friendly offices in behalf of the Chinese residing in that Republic.

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Not only will my countrymen feel unbounded joy and gratitude, but my Government will be extremely gratified by this manifestation of sincere friendship on the part of the United States Government.

Accept, sir, etc.

Yang Yü.