Mr. Sherman to Mr. Strobel.

No. 149.]

Sir: I have to acknowledge the receipt of your No. 143, of May 31 last, and to commend your action therein reported touching the inquiry of the under secretary of foreign relations whether you would be willing to act as arbitrator in the matter of the claim of the French citizen, Charles Freraut, against Chile.

[Page 52]

On the 6th instant the Department received a note from the Chilean minister at this capital in which, under telegraphic advice from his Government, he stated that you had been selected in your private capacity as umpire to arbitrate the claim, and, in view of the fact that you are at the present time the diplomatic agent of the United States, requested that you be authorized to accept the office.

Understanding that the tender of the office of arbitrator should be made to and accepted by you in your individual capacity, and is to be carried on to its finality by you in person, without devolving upon your successor in office, I telegraphed you yesterday as follows:

At the request of Chile and France you may accept French arbitration as an individual, the office not to devolve upon your successor.

For your further information, I inclose copies of the notes exchanged between the minister and the Department on the subject.

Respectfully, etc.,

John Sherman.