Mr. Taylor to Mr. Sherman.

No. 735.]

Sir: I have the honor to inclose herewith copies and translations of two notes recently received from the Spanish Government relative to the case of Manuel Fernandez Chaquielo. In this connection, and referring to your No. 729, of the 14th ultimo, I beg to call the Department’s attention to the fact that the only information I have ever received regarding the murder of Govin has been that contained in the Department’s telegrams and despatches upon the Chaquielo case; and that, consequently, I have never been able to make a formal presentation of that (Govin’s) case to the Spanish Government.

I am, etc.,

Hannis Taylor.
[Inclosure in No. 735.—Translation.]

The Duke of Tetuan to Mr. Taylor.

Excellency: I have had the honor to receive your courteous note of yesterday’s date, transmitting a copy of a dispatch addressed to you by the Secretary of State of the United States relative to the proceedings instituted in the Island of Cuba against the naturalized American, Manuel Fernando Chaqueilo, who was taken prisoner with arms in his hand.

[Page 525]

The documents in my possession regarding the matter do not show what charges have been made against said individual. It only appears that the consul general of the United States at Havana made that inquiry of the Governor and Captain-General of the Island of Cuba under date of October 8, 1896; and that superior authority answered him, by letter of the 10th of the same month and year, that as the cause was then under instruction, and this being secret, he could not reply to his inquiry; but that, however, as soon as the cause arrived at the plenary stage the prisoner would be informed of the charges made against him.

In order to give you more information on the subject I have addressed my colleague, the minister of war, who will cable for the necessary data.

As regards the connection which may exist between the prisoner and the supposed murder of the American citizen, Govin, I am compelled to repeat to your excellency that I have no official information whatever of that case, because neither your excellency nor the minister plenipotentiary of His Majesty at Washington, nor the Cuban authorities, have sent me any information or communication of any kind upon the matter. Regarding this point I also request the minister of war to ask the Captain-General of the island for information.

As soon as I receive the reports referred to I will take great pleasure in answering more fully to the statements made by your excellency in your said note of yesterday.

I avail myself,

The Duke of Tetuan.
[Inclosure 2 in No. 735.—Translation.]

The Duke of Tetuan to Mr. Taylor.

Excellency: In addition to my note of the 30th of July last, relative to the proceedings followed in Cuba against the naturalized American, Manuel Fernandez Chaqueilo, I have to inform your excellency that the Captain-General of that island, in reply to the telegraphic question made to him upon the subject, reports that the council of war sentenced said Fernandez Chaqueilo to life imprisonment; but the auditor-general dissented, and proposed that a death sentence should be imposed for having belonged to an incendiary band. In view of that, and according to the provisions for such cases in the Code of Military Justice, the cause shall be revised by the supreme council of war and marine, to which it shall be sent by next mail.

I avail myself, etc.,

The Duke of Tetuan.