Mr. Adee to Mr. Dupuy de Lôme.

No. 279.]

Sir: With reference to Mr. Sherman’s note to you of the 14th instant in regard to the notification received under date of June 22 by the consul-general at Havana from the Marquis de Ahumada, touching the withdrawal of protection from the sugar estate “Victoria,” I have the honor to state that I am now advised that the troops which had heretofore protected the estate in question were withdrawn by order of the military commander at Sagua on the 9th instant, the administrator of the estate being absent at the time, which latter circumstance will explain the delay in receiving this information.

Inasmuch as the terms of General Weyler’s bando, under which the protection is withdrawn, require that the estate, if left without a garrison, shall be abandoned by all persons residing or being thereon, the effect of this determination of the authorities is not only to deprive the property of citizens of the United States of the protection due to them, but it amounts to the condemnation of this valuable property to abandonment, dilapidation and possible destruction, against which this Government is constrained to remonstrate, not merely in the present case, but in all others where the same state of facts may be ascertained to exist.

Accept, etc.,

Alvey A. Adee,
Acting Secretary