Mr. Olney to Mr. von Reichenau.

No. 257.]

Sir: Adverting to the Department’s note, No. 208, of August 13 last, I have the honor to inclose a copy of a note from the British ambassador of the 1st instant, stating that Her Majesty’s Government was prepared to bear its share of the expenses that might be incurred in the purchase of the requisite safes for the preservation of the records of the late land commission in Samoa, and that instructions to that effect would be addressed to Her Majesty’s consul at Apia.

The Government of the United States is also willing to assume its share of such expense, and has so instructed Mr. Churchill, consul-general of this Government there, to whom a copy of Sir Julian Pauncefote’s note has been sent.

Permit me to express the hope that His Majesty’s Government will likewise assume its share of such expenditure, and that if instructions in this sense have not already been sent to the German consul at Apia to act in harmony with his colleagues from the United States and Great Britain they may go forward in the near future.

Accept, sir, etc.,

Richard Olney.