Mr. Peirce to Mr. Sherman.

No. 604.]

Sir: Referring to legation’s No. 546, of May 5, 1897, in the case of Emma Klein, I have the honor to inclose herewith copy and translation of the note of the imperial foreign office giving the law defining the status of widows of foreigners in Russia who were Russian subjects before marriage.

It appears that such widow has the option of remaining of the nationality of her deceased husband or of reverting to her original allegiance.

I have, etc.,

Herbert H. D. Peirce,
Chargé d’Affaires ad interim.
[Inclosure in No. 604.—Translation.]

Count Lamsdorff to Mr. Breckinridge.

No. 9117.]

Mr. Minister: By the note of May 31/June 12 you have kindly expressed to me a desire to know the text of the Russian law on the civil status of widows of foreign subjects.

In reply to this note I have the honor to inform you that the dispositions of the Russian law relative to the subject in question are defined in article 1026 of the civil law (Collection of Laws of the Russian Empire, Vol. IX, edition 1876), the text of which is as follows:

Art. 1026. Every Russian subject who has married a foreigner and thereby will be considered as a foreigner, has the right after the death of her husband, or after a formal divorce, to resume Russian allegiance, and in this case it will suffice for her [Page 446] to present to the governor of the Province in which she may have chosen domicile a special certificate proving her widowhood or divorce. The document delivered by the governor stating that the above certificate has been presented to him will be available to the person in question as proof of her resumption of Russian allegiance.

Please receive, etc.,

Count Lamsdorff.