Mr. McDonald to Mr. Sherman.

No. 296.]

Sir: In continuation of my dispatch No. 294, I have the honor to inclose a later note to the Amine-ed-Dowlah, concerning the outrages on the Jews, since which I believe matters have quieted down, as I hear of no further disturbances. I have taken greater interest in this matter because the American missionaries have schools in the Jewish quarter and are greatly interested in them.

I have the honor, etc.,

Alex. McDonald.
[Inclosure in No. 296.]

Mr. McDonald to the Amine-ed-Dowlah.

Your Excellency: In the conversation which I had with you yesterday morning I was given to understand that the persecution and ill treatment which was being inflicted upon the Jews had ceased. I regret to state to you, however, that I have just been informed that there has been a renewal of the maltreatment, and that many have been subjected to ill usage and indignities, while the government ferashes (police) sent, I presume, to restore order have forcibly taken money, and left without effecting anything for the preservation of the peace of the district. I have not the remotest desire to interfere or to make any suggestions as to the administration of the affairs of this city, but from motives of humanity and of sympathy with those who are called upon to suffer, I appeal to you to put an end to this molestation and interference with the liberties of this loyal, intelligent, and industrious section of His Majesty’s subjects.

I have, etc.,

Alex. McDonald.