Mr. Clayton to Mr. Sherman.

No. 6.]

Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of the Department’s No. 376, of the 5th instant, addressed to the chargé d’affaires ad interim, in which, referring especially to the case of R. H. Doane and the fact that the judge at Piedras Negras did not answer the communications of the consul at that place asking for information as to Doane’s case, the views of the Government regarding the right of a consul to ask information in regard to the course of a criminal case affecting an American citizen and the right to receive a courteous response, are set forth.

On the 15th instant I addressed a note to Mr. Mariscal, minister for foreign affairs, a copy of which I send herewith, inclosing a copy of the Department’s No. 376.

I have, etc.,

Powell Clayton.
[Inclosure in No. 6.]

Mr. Clayton to Mr. Mariscal.

Mr. Minister: Referring to your note of April 19, 1897, in relation to the case of the American citizen R. H. Doane, who, upon the charge of complicity in a robbery at the express office at the Monclova Railroad station, was arrested and imprisoned in Monclova, I herewith respectfully submit for your consideration a copy of a letter from the Department of State upon the same subject.

I indulge in the hope, Mr. Minister, that upon a review of the case you may find it consistent to accept the views of my Government.

Awaiting your further pleasure, I have, etc.,

Powell Clayton.