Mr. Coxe to Mr. Sherman.

No. 99.]

Sir: Referring to my No. 85, in the matter of Renton, and to Mr. Little’s telegram, therein transmitted, announcing the escape of the defendants Isert and Sandham, the latter part of which telegram was blind, I beg to report that I have only to-day succeeded in obtaining the true reading. My efforts to this end through the telegraph offices were entirely without result, the repetition of the telegram handed me being precisely in the same words as the original.

I am to-day in receipt of a telegram from Mr. Little, in reply to my letter of April 4, inquiring on the subject, that the telegram was sent wrong, in that the word “no” should have been inserted before the words “se ha podido,” indicating that it had not been possible to recapture the prisoners.

I have no doubt at all that Mr. Little’s telegram was sent immediately upon the receipt of my letter of April 4. This transaction will give the Department a slight indication of the unreliability of the telegraphic system and the length of time it takes to communicate in these countries.

Mr. Little further informs me that the foreign minister of Honduras advisés him that he has been informed that Isert and Sandham are now in New Orleans.

I have, etc.,

Macgrane Coxe.