Mr. Coxe to Mr. Olney.

Sir: As the Department is aware, an exposition, to be known as the Exposition of Central America, is to be held in the city of Guatemala from March 15 to July 15, 1897. The people of Guatemala, and, so far as they are able, of all Central America, are bending every energy to make this exposition a success, and, judging from all appearances at Guatemala, it promises to be so. Suitable and handsome buildings have been bought from a recent exposition at Bordeaux, France, and the buildings are being erected and the grounds prepared under the supervision of the French engineers who constructed the Bordeaux Exposition. The people of Guatemala and of Central America are very solicitous regarding the success of this undertaking, and take a great deal of pride in it.

Under these circumstances I take the liberty respectfully to recommend that a United States ship of war be sent to the port of San Jose de Guatemala, on the Pacific Ocean, to be present at the inauguration of the exposition, and that, so far as feasible, provision be made for the entertainment by the officer in command of the President and high officers of Guatemala on this occasion. I am sure that it would create a very pleasant feeling, not only in Guatemala, but in Central America; and in a number of other respects also think the effect would be salutary. I would recommend that as large and imposing a ship as possible, if feasible the flagship, should be dispatched on this mission.

I have, etc.,

Macgrane Coxe.