Mr. Sherman to Mr. Rodriguez.

No. 14.]

Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your note of the 17th instant, in which, referring to our conversation of the Kith, you state the desire of your Government to transport troops and munitions of war from a port in Honduras, or from the Confederation, to any port in the same State on the Atlantic or the Pacific, with the object of reestablishing order along the Atlantic coast, and that in the event of your Government being able to charter American vessels for this purpose, it trusts that the consuls of the United States at Ceiba and Trujillo, or at any other place along the said coast, will put no obstacles in the way.

If, as would appear, the proposed chartering of American vessels by your Government contemplates a regular contract with the owners or agents of such vessels, not compulsory but voluntary on their part, it is not perceived how the consuls of the United States could interpose any valid objections to a legitimate transaction which the representatives of the American owners may be legally competent to effect.

Copy of this correspondence will, however, be sent to the United States minister to Guatemala and Honduras, and to the consular officers in the latter country for their information.

Accept, etc.,

John Sherman.