Mr. Sherman to Sir Julian Pauncefote.

No. 659.]

Excellency: I desire to inquire whether Messrs. Macoun and Barrett Hamilton, who visited the Pribilof Islands last year, have submitted reports to the British or Canadian Governments of the result of their observations, and, if they have made such reports, to ask that I may be furnished with copies of the same if it is the intention to make public use of them. It has been the understanding of this Department that the gentlemen named were acting as the assistants to Professor Thompson, whose report you were good enough to hand me on the 3d instant, audit is presumed their observations were embodied in that report. But if independent reports have been submitted by them and public use is to be made of them hereafter, it is but due to the scientist agents of the Government of the United States who visit the seal islands the present season that they should have the benefit of their observations for comparison and verification.

In view, therefore, of the early departure of the agents of the United States for the seal islands, I shall be much gratified if you can give me the desired information with as little delay as possible.

I have, etc.,

John Sherman.