Mr. Sherman to Mr. von Reichenau.

No. 363.]

Sir: Referring to the Department’s note of the 10th of March last to your embassy, in relation to the case of the German bark Elisabeth Ahrens, of Rostock, I have the honor to inclose for your information a copy of a dispatch from the United States consul at Martinique, stating that he is in receipt of a letter from the owner of the vessel thanking him for the assistance he rendered Captain Aim, of said bark, during the trouble with his crew, who tried to burn and afterwards to scuttle the ship.

You will observe that the consul calls attention to the fact that on the occasion in question he advanced Captain Aim the sum of $26.47, the latter being out of funds.

I beg to request you to do me the favor to bring Mr. Tucker’s claim to the notice of your Government with a view to having the money reimbursed to the consul which he advanced to the captain of the Elisabeth Ahrens.

Accept, etc.,

John Sherman.