Mr. Uhl to Mr. Muruaga.

No. 16.]

Sir: In connection with my note to you of the 5th instant, concerning the alleged sailing of a filibustering expedition from Tampa, Fla., [Page 1194] for the Island of Cuba, I have the honor to apprise you of the receipt of two letters from the Attorney-General upon the subject, of the 5th and 6th instant.

In the former Mr. Olney advises me that he promptly telegraphed the contents of your note to the district attorney of the United States at Jacksonville, and instructed him to use the utmost diligence to prevent any violation of the neutrality laws of the United States.

According to the latter, the United States district attorney for the southern district of Florida reports that he is using every effort to prevent any violation of those laws by the organization of filibustering expeditions in aid of existing disturbances in Cuba. Mr. Olney remarks also that a telegram from the United States marshal indicates that Quesada left Jacksonville for Tampa on the evening of the 5th instant, and that the district attorney and a deputy marshal left for the same place on the same train.

Accept, etc.,

Edwin F. Uhl,
Acting Secretary.