No. 27.
Mr. Alexander to Mr. Damon.

His Excellency S. M. Damon,
Minister of Finance:

Sir: In accordance with your request I have had the areas of all the Government land sales, alias grants, to June 8, 1893, added up, making a total of 667,317.4 acres. A recent estimate of the lands at present held by the Government gives a total of 828,000 acres. Adding this amount to the total area sold, we obtain 1,495,317 acres as the approximate amount of land held by the Government at the end of the great division (Mahele) in 1848.

The Crown lands at present are estimated to contain 915,000 acres, including a few unassigned lands, which were transferred to the Grown by the Legislature of 1890.

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The kuleanas proper or land commission awards to the common people, including a few lots awarded to foreigners (chiefly in Honolulu), amount to 28,658.5 acres.

These were generally either house lots or small pieces of cultivated land. The number of L. C. awards was 11,309, which included 177 awards made to chiefs or konohikis, whose names are in the Mahele book. Deducting these the number of kuleanas was 11,132, averaging 2.57 acres apiece.

My assistants have also added up those konohiki (chiefs’) awards, whose areas were given in the index of land claims amounting to 133,012.6 acres. But these are only a small part of them, as most of this class of lands were awarded by name without survey.

For example, the Bishop estate alone at present comprises about 420,000 acres. However, adding the kuleanas and the surveyed awards to chiefs given in the index of land claims together, we obtain a total of 161,670 acres awarded at that time by survey.

I remain, yours, very respectfully,

W. D. Alexander,
Approximate division of the lands of the Hawaiian Kingdom, 1848–1855.
Crown lands (as in 1893) 915,000
Government lands (as in 1848) 1,495,000
Kuleanas 28,658.5
Bishop estate for manual training schools (as in 1893) 420,000
Other chiefs’ lands surveyed before 1855 133,012.6
Other chiefs’ lands not surveyed before 1855 1,018,329
Grand total 4,010,000.1
Total of chiefs’ lands, including Bishop estate 1,571,341

E. & O. E.

W. D. Alexander.
Total area of land-commission awards.


Hawaii: Acres.
Hilo 466.35
Hamakua 2,542
Kohala 2,129.16
Kona 2,119
Kau 2,124.18
Puna 32.18
Total area of Hawaii Kuleanas 9,412.87
Total area of Maui Kuleanas 7,379.74
Total area of Molokai Kuleanas 2,288.87
Total area of Oahu Kuleanas 7,311.17
Total area of Kauai Kuleanas 1,824.17
Total area of Lanai Kuleanas 441.67
Grand total 441.67
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ahupuaas and ilis, or larger, tracts and subdivisions.

Hawaii: Acres.
Hilo 6,620.25
Hamakua 8,248.48
Kohala 1,933
Kona 1,261.79
Total for Hawaii 18,063.52
Kauai 54,272
Molokai 10,343.62
Oahu 32,785.62
Maui 17,547.83
Total area of Ahupuaas and Ilis surveyed for the land commission 133,012.59

E. & O. E.

W. D. Alexander.
Estimate of area included in all Government grants (land sales) to date, June 8, 1893.
Hawaii: Acres. Acres.
Kohala 21,520.95
Hamakua 63,439.41
Hilo 14,884.41
Puna 17,411.73
Kau 215,538.81
Kona 56,101.16
Lahaina 364.17
Kaanapali 2,675.00
Wailuku 25,825.51
Hamakua 18,711.53
Koolau 2,024.72
Hana 6,216.92
Kipahulu 1,540.03
Kaupo 11,534.73
Kahikiuui. 3,595.67
Honuaula. 15,100.84
Kula 13,054.92
Kona district 5,549.10
Ewa district 7,401.31
Waialua district 19,596.47
Koolau district 12,321.94
Lallai 735.93
Molokai 55,960.90
Kauai 15,123.25
Niihua 61,088
Grand total 667,317.41

The foregoing estimate of areas is largely increased by the inclusion of several exceptionally large grants, viz:

Grant 2769 to J. P. Parker in Hamakua 37,888
Grant 2791 to C. C. Harris in Kau 184,298
Grant 3343 to C. Spreckels in Wailuku 24,000
Grant 3146 to C. R. Bishop in W. Molokai 46,500
Grant 2944 to J. M. and F. Sinclair in Niihua 61,038
Total 353,724

A recent estimate of area of present Government lands gave a total, in round numbers, of 828,000 acres, which, together with the total amount granted, would give, in round numbers, 1,495,300 acres as the amount originally held by the Government.

J. F. Brown.