Mr. Gresham to Mr. Hicks.

No. 289.]

Sir: I have to acknowledge the receipt of your No. 485, of the 10th ultimo, inclosing copy of the note from the Peruvian foreign office, apologizing for the attack made by the mob on our consular agency at Mollendo and promising to punish the guilty parties and make due reparation to the agent.

As stated in my telegram of the 10th ultimo, the Department is gratified to receive these promises from the Government of Peru, and confidently awaits their prompt fulfillment.

The facts as reported justify our belief that the just and friendly disposition of that Government will prevail to insure due punishment of the offenders and reparation for the loss accruing to our consular agency.

The Department approves Mr. Meier’s purpose not to ask anything beyond compensation for property actually destroyed.

A tender by Peru of reimbursement of his expenses of medical attendance, etc., consequent upon his wound, would be a gracious act and probably acceptable.

I am, etc.,

W. Q. Gresham.