Mr. Hicks to Mr. Gresham.

No. 493.]

Sir: Referring to my No. 482 of April 3, 1803, No. 485 of April 10, 1893, and No. 486 of April 15, 1893, I have the honor herewith to inclose* a copy of the claim for damages against the Peruvian Government, submitted through Mr. A. J. Daugherty, consul at Callao, by Mr. Henry or (Enrique) Meier, acting consular agent, growing out of the attack upon the consular agency of the United States at Mollendo, March 25, 1893. This claim I at once forwarded to the foreign office and also had an interview personally with the minister of foreign affairs, urging a prompt settlement of the same.

I append also a copy of my note to the minister of foreign affairs, transmitting Mr. Meier’s claim.

I am, etc.,

John Hicks.
[Inclosure in No. 493.]

Mr. Hicks to Dr. Chacaltana.

Mr. Minister: Referring to the courteous and honorable communication of your excellency, dated April 8, in regard to the lamentable incident at Mollendo, and my note of the 11th instant, replying thereto, I now have the honor to transmit herewith the account of Señor Don Enrique Meier, acting consular agent of the United States at that port, for the actual cost of repairing the damages to his office caused by the mob, and for the injuries received to his person by reason of a gunshot wound in his leg. I am assured privately by Señor Meier that he is still in great danger from the effects of this wound, and at times there have been grave fears that the injury would result in the amputation of the limb.

The account which Señor Meier has rendered is substantiated by the necessary affidavits, and it appears not only to be made out in proper legal form, but that its charges are exceedingly fair and reasonable.

Your excellency will at once agree with me that the account of Señor Meier can not be considered in the same light as an ordinary claim for damages. Señor Meier stands as the representative of the authority of the United States, the legal representative of a friendly nation, who, resting in fancied safety under the aegis of the national escutcheon, was rudely attacked by a mob of disorderly citizens in the presence of the police of Peru, who utterly failed to afford him any protection. Your excellency, with a noble spirit of equity and justice, promptly disavowed any intention of injury and promised the prompt condemnation of the act by the punishment of the offenders and the indemnification of the injured.

The President of the United States, who was informed of the proceedings and of your excellency’s courteous reply, expressed to me by telegraph his satisfaction with the benevolent sentiments which your excellency expressed, and signified his confident expectation that your excellency’s Government would at once fulfill the promises made, which he instructed me to report to him at once by telegraph.

I trust, therefore, my dear Mr. minister, that I may at once have the pleasure, as well by the kindly feelings I have always entertained for this country as by the sincere desire I have that this incident should be harmoniously closed, of notifying my Government that your excellency has promptly fulfilled the gracious and praiseworthy promises contained in your excellency’s letter.

With assurances, etc.,

John Hicks.
  1. Inclosure omitted.