Mr. Armstrong to Mr. Bayard.

No. 164.]

Sir: On the 20th of this month the Brazilian Parliament (after being twice prorogued) terminated its labors, the session being closed by Sis Majesty, the Emperor, with a speech from the throne. A copy and translation of the same I have the honor to inclose herewith. As will he seen, he makes grateful acknowledgments to the Brazilian people for their unwavering love of him, congratulates the country upon the peaceful manner in which slavery was abolished, etc. The demonstrations to which allusion is made in the speech, were those welcoming him on his return from Europe, which were spontaneous and on a grand scale, never equalled before in the history of the country. Prince Jose, to whose death he so feelingly alludes, was the third son of his second and youngest daughter (now dead) who married the Duke of Saxe-Coburg, Germany. Presuming the Department would be interested by the speech, I have therefore made the translation and forwarded it.

I have, etc.,

H. Clay Armstrong.
[Inclosure in No. 164.—Translation.]

Speech of the Emperor.

August and most worthy representatives of the nation:

My gratification on appearing in this hall is to-day the more intense from the fact that I have been able to return to my country and can continue to serve it.

Bound to the Brazilian nation by birth, by the glorious deeds of my august father, by the tender care which I received when left an orphan in my childhood, by the attention paid to my education, and finally by the unwavering love of the Brazilian people, I was much moved by the demonstrations on the 22d of August. Were any new incentive required to stimulate me to conscientious zeal in the performance of my duties, I would find it in the cordiality with which I was welcomed by the whole people of Brazil.

I shall never forget the sympathetic hospitality I received in all the places visited during the trip which I made to Europe for my health. While rejoicing over the favorable condition of the Empire confided for the third time to the regency of my beloved daughter, the Princess Imperial, I received the sad news of the death in Vienna of my grandson, Prince José, whom God called to himself on the 12th of August.

Our relations with foreign powers continue unaltered, and the never-failing justice of our conduct will contribute to their remaining so.

Public tranquillity and order have been maintained, and the guaranties of individual liberty respected. I tender you my thanks and commendation for the authorization which you have granted to the Government to provide for the further security of the population of the capital of the Empire by re-organizing and increasing the police force.

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We may well be proud of the peaceful manner in which the system of labor is undergoing transformation in virtue of the law of May 13, the decreeing of which alleviated my physical sufferings and comforted me in the midst of the regrets caused by absence, and of my yearning for home. By this act Brazil has once more demonstrated its aptitude for moral progress of every kind.

The public revenues are increasing and give promise of still greater development; commerce extends its transactions; projects abound for enterprises in the various branches of industry; and, notwithstanding foreseen but inevitable local embarrassments, there is an increase of labor of natives and foreigners.

Let us be confident that the activity of our fellow-citizens, disposing of so many and such great resources, will amply compensate for our present sacrifices.

The Government on its part, making use of the authorizations and means which you have voted, will hasten the settlement of our lands, promote transportation facilities, and bestow solicitous care on the other necessities of agriculture.

Among the measures which you have decreed the law on banks of emission deserves special attention. This law is intended to limit the circulation of Government paper currency and to give to credit an elasticity in proportion to industrial activity.

At the next session we will, I trust, deliberate upon the bills already presented in regard to the banks for lending money on real estate; judicial reform; and repression of idleness; and will adopt the improvements required for giving to local institutions better practical development.

Public instruction in general and technical education adapted to present circumstances, require legislative action on which our progress greatly depends. I trust you will continue to give this subject the attention which you have bestowed on agricultural instruction and on the organization of the naval school.

Public health, and especially sanitary measures in benefit of the capital of the Empire, demand your care. Although the sanitary state of the interior of the country continues to be excellent, and that of the sea-board much improved, it is necessary to persevere in the task of eradicating the causes of disease as far as this may be done by hygienic measures.

August and most worthy Representatives of the Nation!

To your patriotic labors during the present session will correspond, I trust, your beneficial influence during the legislative interval, so that our country may fructify more and more the powerful elements of prosperity with which God has blessed it.

The session is closed.

Dom Pedro II.
Constitutional Emperor and Perpetual Defender of Brazil.