Mr. Blaine to Mr. Palmer.

No. 8.]

Sir: Referring to instruction No. 262, of the 24th of January, 1888, and to instruction No. 266, of February 11, following, I now transmit a copy of a further letter from Mr. John W. Kane, master of the brig [Page 682] J. W. Parker, touching’ his claim for the remission of an excess of tonnage dues required of him by the customs authorities at Zaza, Cuba, December 27, 1887.

The Department will be glad to hear what action has been taken in the case, and the result thereof.

I am, etc.,

James G. Blaine.
[Inclosure to No. 8.]

Mr. Kane to Mr. Blaine.

Dear Sir: I paid tonnage dues, $1 per ton on my vessel register, 361 14/100 tons, at Zaza (Cuba), December 27, 1887. The facts of the case, together with protest and documents attached, I forwarded to the State Department on my arrival in New York, in January, 1888, and received a reply that a demand had been made on the Spanish Government for the refund of my tonnage dues, $361.14, since which date I have received no information from your Department touching this matter. These tonnage dues were exacted from me some three months after the conclusion of the treaty between Spain and the United States suspending all discriminating tonnage dues between the two countries and their dependencies.

Will you please inform me at your earliest opportunity what action has been taken in my behalf? If you require evidence or particulars of the case will you please so inform me?

I am, etc.,

John W. Kane.