No. 49.
Mr. Anderson to Mr. Bayard.

No. 209.]

Sir: Referring to my dispatch No. 208, dated February 24, 1888, I have the honor to call your attention to the fact that I divided your circular of July 9, and made it a subject of two notes to the royal Danish minister of foreign affairs. In the first I simply asked for the information required by the latter part of the circular, and the note from the minister of foreign affairs, which I transmitted with my No. 208, is an answer to the same. In my second note I embodied the invitation to the Government of Denmark to cooperate with the Government of the United States toward the ends contemplated by the circular.

To this second note I have not yet received a reply, but I am informed that an effort is being made to abolish all tonnage and equivalent charges on navigation. The foreign office is daily expecting information from the minister of finance on the subject, and as soon as that is at hand I am promised an answer to my second note. Count Sponneck, the Danish minister in Washington, has, I understand, been fully instructed in regard to the position of the Government of Denmark anent this subject.

I have, etc.,

R. B. Anderson.