No. 29.
Mr. Reuterskiöld to Mr. Bayard.

Mr. Secretary of State: I have the honor again to ask your excellency’s kind attention to the note preceded by a memorandum dated June 17, 1885, which, by order of my Government, I addressed to you on the 4th of October last, asking (on the basis of Article VIII of the treaty between the United Kingdoms of Sweden and Norway and the United States of America, concluded July 4, 1827) for a reduction of tonnage dues, according to section 14 of the shipping act approved June 26, 1884.

The Government of the King, which I informed, without delay, of the transmission of the memorandum of June 17, 1885, entertained the hope that this matter would be easily and speedily settled in a manner consonant with both the spirit and with the clear and distinct wording of Article VIII of the existing treaty.

I should be grateful to your excellency if you would have the kindness to communicate to me, with as little delay as possible, the reply of the United States Government to the application of my Government, and I avail myself, etc.