No. 38.
Mr. Magee to Mr. Bayard.

No. 118.]

Sir: I am in receipt this p.m. of the response to my note (written under your instruction of date September 17, 1887), inviting the Government of the United Kingdoms to join in an arrangement whereby an end would be put to the indiscriminate killing of seals in the Behring Sea.

The royal Government having no interest in seal fisheries, His Majesty thinks there is no need to take part in any treaty or arrangement in reference thereto on the part of the United Kingdoms. He however expresses the desire that a mutually beneficial accord may be arrived at between the interested powers, and that the same may be maintained with a reservation that powers not at present interested may join in such an arrangement in the future if they desire.

At present neither Sweden nor Norway engages in seal fishing in Behring Sea or adjacent waters.

I have, etc.,

Rufus Magee.