No. 24.
Mr. Garland to Mr. Bayard.

Sir: In reply to your letter of the 3d instant, inclosing copy of letter from Hon. L. S. Sackville West, with reference to the vessels Carolena, Onward, and Thornton, yesterday I received a letter from the marshal, Barton Atkins, stating in substance that my telegram of the 26th of January had been thought to be not genuine, and had not been acted upon. To-day I sent him the following telegram:

As the seal skins at San Francisco are perishable, have sale made. Thirty days’ leave is granted for that purpose. Let the vessels Carolena, Onward, and Thornton be released, as ordered in mine of the 26th of January ultimo.

I trust this will be obeyed, and the vessels released as directed.

Yours, etc.,

A. H. Garland,