No. 6.
Mr. Bayard to Lord Sackville.

My Lord: The President of the United States has instructed me to inform you that for good and sufficient causes, which are known to yourself, and have been duly brought to the knowledge of your Government, he has with, great regret become convinced that it would be incompatible with the best interests and detrimental to the good relations of both Governments that you should any longer hold your present official position in the United States, and that accordingly the Government of Her Britannic Majesty will without delay be informed of this [Page 1673] determination, in order that another channel may be established for the transmission of such communications as may be found desirable by the two Governments in the transaction of their business.

Whenever it is your pleasure to depart from the United States, I am instructed to furnish you with the usual facilities, and with that view I now beg leave to inclose a passport in the customary form.

I avail, etc.

T. F. Bayard.