No. 1.
Mr. Bayard to Mr. Phelps.


Mr. Bayard states that the Murchison correspondence has been shown to him by Lord Sackville, who declared his reply to have been strictly private and not intended for publication. Mr. Bayard thereupon strongly expressed his amazement and condemnation of the minister’s act. Subsequently to the appearance of the Murchison correspondence, in interviews with newspaper reporters in defense of his letter, Lord Sackville is reported to have gravely reflected upon the motives of the President and the Senate as regards their action touching pending questions relative to Canada. The Government of the United States can not be indifferent to any interference in domestic issues by foreign representatives. Mr. Phelps will accordingly invite Lord Salisbury’s attention to the occurrence, and express the confident reliance of this Government upon the action of Her Majesty’s Government in the premises.