No. 1119.
Mr. Scott to Mr. Bayard.

No. 210.]

Sir: I beg leave to inform you that at an interview had with Dr. Urbaneja, minister of foreign affairs of Venezuela, I availed myself of the opportunity to carry out your instruction contained in your No. 136, and dated Washington, November 8, 1887, and made known to him the views of our Government on the closing of the ports of Venezuela against Curaçao as embodied and expressed in your No. 126, and dated Washington, September 22, 1887.

Dr. Urbaneja remarked that this difficulty had been settled, and there was now no cause of apprehension of damage to the commerce of the United States. I replied that I was aware of that fact, but that my Government was looking to the future and the principle involved in this matter. He then indicated that he concurred in your views, and gave assurances that no damage would be done to American commerce in the event of coming difficulty between Venezuela and Curaçao, and the closing of the ports of the former against the latter.

I have, etc.,

Charles L. Soott.