No. 1116.
Mr. Scott to Mr. Bayard.

No. 194.]

Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your No. 126, September 22, 1887, in reply to my No. 187, of the 3d ultimo, informing you of the contemplated action of Venezuela in closing her ports against the island of Curaçao, and thereby damaging and interfering with American commerce between the United States and Venezuela.

Since the writing and mailing of No. 187, the difficulty between Venezuela and Curaçao, has been amicably and satisfactorily adjusted by Curaçao complying partially with the request of Venezuela in expelling two of the three so-called revolutionists from her territory, and the action on the part of Curaçao has given satisfaction to Venezuela; and this matter has now ended, which, when I wrote, threatened serious trouble.

I am gratified, however, to receive the views and instructions embodied in your No. 126, and in the event of a repetition of this difficulty I will know how to act promptly and advisedly in protecting American interests.

I have, etc.,

Charles L. Scott.