No. 1067.
Mr. Straus to Mr. Bayard.

No. 64.]

Sir: The vice-consul-general has forwarded to me a copy of a dispatch, No. 38, from Mr. Gillman, our consul at Jerusalem, to the State Department, in relation to a suit at Jerusalem between a Turkish subject and the cavass of the consulate, involving the dwelling-house wherein the said cavass resided with his family and from which he was evicted.

Having occasion to call upon the Grand Vizier on the 25th instant in relation to other matters, I brought this complaint of Consul Gillman to his attention and he appeared to be of the opinion that such cavass was entitled to the same privileges as to domicile as are accorded to an American citizen, and he immediately communicated with the governor of Jerusalem asking for explanation for the course pursued.

I trust by the time your instructions will have arrived the matter will have been brought in this unofficial way to a satisfactory solution, and that my action thus far will meet your approval.

I have, etc.,

O. S. Straus.