No. 1051.
Mr. Rives to Mr. Kloss.

Sir: I have the honor, in reply to Colonel Frey’s note of the 31st of January last, inclosing a note dated 13th of January, addressed to the Secretary of State, by the President of the Swiss Confederation, on the subject of placing under one management the international bureau for the protection of industrial property and the bureau of literary and artistic works, to say that it is understood by this Government that in charging the Swiss Government with the administration of these bureaus, the details of their organization and management within the terms of the convention and final protocol were left entirely to the discretion of your Government.

There is no doubt that this trust will be discharged with due regard to the interests of all the members of the International Union, and since the President and Chancellor of the Swiss Confederation in their communication of January 13 declare that the step in question has been taken with a view to economical administration, this Government cordially approves it.

Accept, etc.,

G. L. Rives,
Acting Secretary.