No. 1038.
Mr. Winchester to Mr. Bayard.

No. 210.]

Sir: The Swiss Government seems determined to break up the nest of anarchists in Zurich. For some years it has been a rendezvous for this class of men, principally from Germany, abusing the Swiss right of asylum, for the propagation of their doctrines by the publication of newspapers, pamphlets, etc., and the distribution of those published in other countries, including many from the United States. Very naturally, under the toleration shown them, their violence and disregard of the conditions under which they were entitled to domicile, soon reached a point rendering it necessary to enforce the law against them. In January last (reported in my No. 188), there was an expulsion of the most prominent leaders, and a warning served on others. This warning has not been heeded, but to the contrary, their organs defiantly declared that they would not and could not desist from, or in any degree abate, the temper and character of their utterances, for they were but discharging a sacred duty which they must fearlessly pursue. To-day the Swiss Federal Council promulgated a decree of expulsion against tour of them: Edward Bernstein, the chief editor, and Herman Schlütter, distributing agent of the newspaper called The Social Democrat; and Ernest Motteler, distributor, and Johann Fauscher, foreman of the printing-office from which was issued a socialist pamphlet entitled Der Rothe Teufel (The Red Devil), containing a furious attack in prose, verse, and caricature on the German Government and the Emperor. All of them are natives of Germany, and Herman Schlütter is reported to be a naturalized citizen of the United States.

I am, etc.,

Boyd Winchester.