No. 1033.
Mr. Winchester to Mr. Bayard.

No. 188.]

Sir: The Department recently bad occasion to make acknowledgment of the prompt response of the Swiss Federal Council to tbe request of this legation to place the American consulate at Zurich under proper police protection against apprehended disturbances on account of the execution of the Chicago anarchists.

Zurich, for some time, has been infested with a large number of anarchists, mostly foreigners, enjoying the right of asylum under Swiss domicile, who have indulged in much violent demonstration by word of mouth and publications. Three of the most prominent leaders of the gang were expelled from Switzerland by a decree of the Federal Council on the 27th instant. This action is based on article 70 of the Swiss constitution, viz:

The Confederation has the right to expel from its territory strangers compromising the domestic or foreign safety of Switzerland.

The decree of expulsion, as published, is as follows:

Resolution of the Federal Council ordering the expulsion of Alfred von Ehrenberg, Peter Emil Schopen, Ignaz Metzler, natives of Germany, who have, during their domicile in Switzerland, belonged to the party of anarchists, have maintained intimate relations with the chiefs of that party, supporting their ideas and projects, and, by -attempting to execute the doctrines of the anarchists in their native country whilst residing in Switzerland, have been guilty of an abuse of the right of asylum; therefore, in application of article 70 of the Federal constitution, it is

Resolved (1), The domicile in the territory of Switzerland is hereby prohibited to Alfred von Ehrenberg, Peter Emil Schopen, and Ignaz Metzler, natives of Germany.

(2) The foregoing resolution is published in the Feuille Fédérale, and communicated to the federal department of justice and police and to the cantonal government of Zurich.

In the name of the Federal Council.

The President of the Confederation.

The Chancellor of the Confederation.

Berne, January 27, 1888.

If the decree of expulsion fails to suppress these disturbers of the public peace, it will be applied to others who may persist in the abuse of their domiciliary rights. Those who are natives or naturalized Swiss will be proceeded against according to the law of the canton.

It is also understood that the Federal Council has requested the Zurich municipality to exercise full legal supervision over publications issued from the socialist printing office in that city.

I am, etc.,

Boyd Winchester.