No. 1014.
Mr. Magee to Mr. Bayard.

No. 141.]

Sir: On the 9th of the present month I had the honor to telegraph you that Albert Erbers, alias Eberson, a fugitive from justice from the State of Wisconsin, had been arrested. His arrest took place in Sweden, and he is now confined in the detention prison at Christiania awaiting identification.

I have bad several interviews with the secretary of foreign affairs here in relation to the ultimate surrender of Erbers, alias Eberson. The question which must be determined satisfactorily to the authorities is: Is Erbers, alias Eberson, a naturalized citizen 1 If not, he will not be surrendered unless he should go back voluntarily.

At my request the authorities at Christiania have made inquiry of the prisoner touching this point. He admits that he voted at three different elections in Wisconsin, but he claims that he has never been naturalized.

The department here say to me that if Erbers is not surrendered to the authorities that the Royal Government will cause proceedings to be taken against him with a view to punish him for the crime committed in Wisconsin.

I have asked the department to ascertain if Erbers will return voluntarily to America. If so, I could perhaps arrange to have him sent in the custody of an officer of the Thingvalla line of steam ships, thereby saving quite an expense. I will know the latter part of the week if Erbers is willing to go back.

I have not yet received copies of the indictment, or any information touching his alleged crime, except that conveyed in a letter to me from Mr. Russell, consul for the United States at Liverpool. The royal foreign office has acted with great promptness in this business, and the only question upon which it will require proof is the one of citizenship. The mere fact that Erbers has voted will not be sufficient to warrant consent to his extradition. I will, however, do what I can to procure him to consent to waive this and return to Wisconsin. He may do so if -he learns, as he will, that he can be punished here.

I trust my Wednesday mail may bring the necessary papers.

I have, etc.,

Rufus Magee.