No. 977.
Mr. Curry to Mr. Bayard.

No. 290.]

Sir: On receipt of your telegram I at once sought an interview with the minister of state, and he agreed to prolong the commercial agreement [Page 1432]until June 30, 1888. The result was cabled “Agreement prolonged six months.” I now have the honor of inclosing the protocol as signed by Mr. Moret and myself.

I have, etc.,

J. L. M. Curry.
[Inclosure in No. 290.]


The undersigned, in behalf of the Governments of Spain and of the United States, respectively, have agreed that the agreement between the Government of the United States of America and the Government of Spain for the reciprocal and complete suspension of all discriminating duties of tonnage or imposts in the United States and in the Islands of Cuba, Porto Rico, and Philippines, and all other countries belonging to the crown of Spain, upon vessels of the respective countries and their cargoes, shall be extended until the 30th of June, 1B88, and shall continue in fall force and effect until the time specified, unless it shall be superseded at an earlier day by treaty between the two Governments.

In witness whereof his excellency, S. Moret, minister of state, and J. L. M. Curry, envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary of the United States of America, have hereunto set their hands and seals in the present instrument.

J. L. M. Curry.

S. Moret.