No. 975.
Mr. Curry to Mr. Bayard.

No. 281.]

Sir: I have the honor to inclose for information a royal order and the translation thereof, instituting additional regulations in reference to the inspection and possible destruction of imported lard and pork and prescribing fees for the service.

I have, etc.,

J. L. M. Curry.
[Inclosure in No. 281.—Translation.]

Regulations for the importation of lard and pork.


For the proper execution of the provision contained in separate section II, Article 73, of the regulation of maritime health, in reference to inspection of pork and lard proceeding from the United States of America and Germany, the King (whom God may guard), and in his name the Queen Regent of the Kingdom, has been pleased to order the observance of the following regulations:

(1) The prohibition established by royal orders of 28th of February and 10th of [Page 1431]July, 1880, in regard to the importation into the peninsula and adjacent islands of lard proceeding from the United States of America which has not been melted, continues in force.

(2) Pork proceeding from the United States of America and Germany shall be submitted to a stringent and microscopical examination, to be made by the directors of maritime health, assisted, when the necessity of an immediate dispatch of the goods demands it, by the second physician of the bay and by the secretary (secretario medico).

Said examination shall be made in a place belonging to the custom-house or the director of health, in accordance with the opinion of the collector of customs, the director of maritime health being provided to that effect with a microscope which may magnify at least 100 diameters, and accessories, to be obtained at their own expense. In order to re-imburse themselves of these expenses, and as a remuneration for the service, they shall collect the following fees:

Cases containing up to— Pesetas.
100 hams, for each case 2.00
300 shoulders, feet, knees, or tongues, for each case 1.50
30 pieces or flitches of bacon, with their muscular part, for each case 1.50

The above-mentioned cases containing a number of pieces greater than the one put down shall pay, according to the fraction which may result, the proportionate part of the stated sums, with relation to the number of pieces of the fraction.

(3) Meats containing trichinae shall be thrown into the sea at a convenient distance from the port and with due precautions.

The same destination shall be given to the lard not obtained through fusion when the parties concerned do not prefer re-exporting it.

(4) Lard obtained through fusion and bacon without muscular part are exempt from a microscopical examination, and therefore from the payment of fees.

(5) The royal order of the 14th of July ultimo, relative to this service, is abolished. By royal order, I inform you of this for its exact fulfillment and for the knowledge of commerce and directors of health. This royal order is to be published in the official newspaper of that province.

God may guard you for many years.

Leon y Castillo.

To the Governors of the Maritime Provinces and General Commander of Ceta.