No. 923.
Mr. Bayard to Mr. Buck.

No. 224.]

Sir: Referring to your No. 48 of the 30th of October, 1885, I transmit for your files a copy of a letter of Mr. S. N. Pettis touching the alleged outrage on V. H. MacCord, an American citizen, to which your dispatch refers.

I am, etc.,

T. F. Bayard.
[Inclosure in No. 224.]

Mr. Pettis to Mr. Bayard.

Sir: In your letter to Senator J. D. Cameron, under date of March 22, 1886, relative “to the alleged outrage upon V. H. MacCord, a citizen of Pennsylvania,” which occurred in Peru, South America, in June, 1885, you say: Mr. Buck reports to this Department “that the circumstances referred to transpired previous to his arrival in Peru, but that no protest or complaint from Mr. MacCord was found upon the records of the legation, nor has any been since received.”

I now have the honor, as the representative of Mr. MacCord, to inclose you a copy of Mr. MacCord’s protest, made immediately after his liberation, and at once forwarded to the American minister at Lima, Peru.

I am also informed by letter from Mr. MacCord that the action of the prefect, Manuel San Roman, was in December, 1886, submitted to the Government of Peru, at Lima, and without notice to either Mr. MacCord or the railroad company investigated and approved, an official notice of which was given Mr. MacCord, dated the 22d day of December, 1886.

May I ask if this additional statement of facts does not entitle the case of Mr. MacCord to fresh consideration by our Government?

I have, etc.,

S. Newton Pettis.