No. 908.
Mr. Bayard to Mr. Bacon.

No. 85]

Sir: Your numbers 193 of October 19, 1887, 195 of October 31, 199 of November 21, 201 of December 1, and 203 of December 15, all relating to the claim of Edward A. Hopkins, agent of the United States and Paraguayan Navigation Company, against the Government of Paraguay, have been received.

Your full and careful statement of the history of the case and your interesting account of the negotiations which led to the late settlement with the Government of Paraguay, show that you are so well possessed of all the salient features of the case as to render any detailed instructions unnecessary.

With respect to a renewal of the demand for a settlement of the Hopkins claim, your views are approved, and you are directed to present it again, and in such time and manner as your judgment and knowledge “of local affairs may suggest as the most expedient.

It is, however, proper to be borne in mind that the lapse of time since the protocol of August last was concluded renders it only just that Paraguay should add to the $90,000 then agreed to be paid an additional amount for interest, besides so much as may be necessary to cover the expenses incurred by this Government and the claimant in prosecuting this demand.

I am, etc.,

T. F. Bayard.