No. 898.
Mr. de Weckherlin to Mr. Bayard.


Mr. Secretary of State: The governor of the Province of North Holland informs my Government that for some time past a number of subjects of the Netherlands, belonging to the army of that country, but being at home on indefinite leave of absence, have avoided the fulfillment of their military obligations by shipping in ports of the Netherlands, on board of foreign vessels, without having previously obtained from the ministry of war the permission required for such an engagement by article 129 of the law of the Netherlands of August 19, 1861, No. 72.

At the same time the aforesaid governor states that it is probable that the consul of the United States of America at Amsterdam, when he inscribes natives of the Netherlands upon the crew-list of American merchant-vessels, does not require those who are of the age required by law for serving in the army to show a document furnishing evidence of their status in this respect, which document may be procured by parties interested at the city hall.

I am instructed, Mr. Secretary of State, to communicate to you the foregoing, and to express the hope that you will have the kindness to call the attention of the consular officers of the United States of America in the Netherlands to the provisions of article 129, which I have just mentioned.

Be pleased, etc.,

G. de Weckherlin.