No. 894.
Mr. Roosevelt to Mr. Bayard.

No. 36.]

Sir: In compliance with the instructions of your No. 24, of September 28, I have the honor to inform you that after studying the documents sent to me I addressed the inclosed communication to the minister of foreign affairs, and am now awaiting his reply.

I am, etc.,

R. B. Roosevelt.
[Inclosure in No. 36.]

Mr. Roosevelt to Mr. Karnebeek.

Sir: I have been instructed by the Government of the United States to request an interview with your excellency in relation to the royal resolution lately adopted excluding foreign hogs and their products from the Netherlands, and in reference to the rules and regulations which may be made for the purpose of carrying it into effect.

I am also instructed to obtain, if possible, for transmission to my Government, duplicate copies of the rules and regulations which have been framed or are to be framed under the royal decree in question.

If these rules and regulations have already been formulated it might be preferable, [Page 1334] if agreeable to yourself, that I should be favored with copies before occupying your time with explanations, but if they have not been completed I feel assured that 1 can satisfy you that the products of the hog coming from America are peculiarly free from disease and even safer than those of this country for human consumption.

Placing myself entirely at your disposal in the matter, I beg, etc.,

R. B. Roosevelt.