No. 308.
Mr. Wallace to Mr. Frelinghuysen .

No. 71.]

Sir: I have the honor to inclose a communication received from the Porte yesterday, from which it will appear that the Ottoman authorities are disposed to insist upon a revision of the tariff provisions of the treaty of 1862. The reference to the denouncement of the treaty itself is in terms somewhat vague, but may be understood, I think, as meaning that it is their desire that the revision of the present tariff shall be effected with a view to a correspondence between its terms and those of the treaty in prospect.

I will be happy to have your instructions touching the matter. Until they are received, I shall do no more than acknowledge receipt of the note inclosed.

Very respectfully, &c.,

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[Inclosure in No. 71.—Translation.]

Assim Pasha to Mr. Wallace .

According to the language of the treaty of commerce concluded between Turkey and the United States of America on the 25th of February, 1862, each of the contracting parties has the right to demand the revision of the tariff one year before the expiration of each period of seven years.

This term, as respects the present period, expires on the 1–13 of this month. The undersigned, minister of foreign affairs of His Imperial Majesty the Sultan, has the honor to apprise the minister resident of the United States of America that the Sublime Porte demands the revision of the tariff at present in force.

As, however, the Sublime Porte has decided to denounce the treaty itself at the expiration of the twenty-first year, it is understood that the revision of the present tariff, which is an integral part of the treaty, shall be made on the basis to be fixed hereafter.

The undersigned begs the minister resident of the United States to be pleased to take notice of the preceding declaration, and takes this opportunity to renew, &c.,